Guardians of Tradition


Vumba is a small, family owned agrotourism company, engaged in maintaining rural traditions and promoting sustainability, while providing a highly professional and personalized service.

Originally founded in the 50’s by the grandparents of the present owners, Vumba is a traditional working farm as once was common in this region.

Located in the parish of São Martinho da Cortiça, Portugal, the company’s estate covers 140 hectares: 60 ha are dedicated to pastures and 80 ha to forests, groves and silvopastures.

We produce the organic cheese Quinta do Carapinhal following ancient traditions and provide quality accomodation in a rural environment.

Vumba’s logo is a leaf of an oak, a deciduous tree with a long gestation period, that always did well in this region. The oak symbolizes our respect for tradition and continuity as well as renewal.

In fact, Vumba is highly influenced by our grandparents’ memory, by their love for this land and by all the great things they’ve done. We make our best to respect and honor this memory in everything we do.


Environmentally Conscious


The rural traditions of the region are part of what we are and of our future. Making sure that these traditions are kept alive in a sustainable way is our top priority.

Our estate combines pastures, an olive grove and orchard, woodland and forest areas. It represents a way of living to the rhythm of the seasons that is fast disappearing.

We are guardians of ancient knowledge and traditions. Vumba’s forestry and agricultural practices promote local biodiversity and resilience to climate change.

We do so because we believe that this is the only way to contribute effectively to the sustained development of our community.


Is our privilege to be able to work this land, promoting a balanced ecosystem where agricultural practices can live harmoniously with natural habitats.

Vumba produces genuinely local, high quality agricultural and food products under the brand Quinta do Carapinhal. Our organic cheese and yogurts are manually processed and most of the raw materials are from our own farm. We also produce an organic extra virgin olive oil.

We take care of our land with much pride and a high respect for both flora and fauna. As result of these practices, Vumba is certified by Sativa as an organic farm.

Get to know our organic dairy products and olive oil. For orders and other enquiries send us an email or contact us with WhatsApp:


The Vumba Way


Our tourism operation is complementary to our main agriculture activities, and is a vehicle for the dissemination of local rural knowledge and practices we aim to preserve and protect as part of our mission.

Vumba’s charming guesthouses and comfortable suites have a unique set of conditions which offer our guests the quiet enjoyment of a true rural experience. Guests can just relax in our swimming pool, lounge in our winery, go for a walk in our mature gardens or take on our hiking trails.

Additionally, for those who want to learn about organic farming, there are several farm activities available to choose from. Nearby, our guests will find a wide range of options to discover the region and experience the wonders of nature, enchanted mountain villages, delicious food and wine programs, or more adventurous activities.

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