New year’s eve

Nature offers an invigorating way to welcome the new year

New year’s eve

Whether it’s a contemplative walk in our forest or a visit to our sheepfold to play with the “baby” lambs, connect with nature and ensure a renewed sense of serenity and reflection. Let the positive energies of nature inspire you for a new year full of harmony and balance.

Catarina(+351 910 002 354) • Joana (+351 914 093 739)


Cheese, yoghurts and olive oil

During these festivities, share the true, unique and ancestral flavours of our products at your table. Enjoy these festivities to the full and full of flavour.

Catarina(+351 910 002 354) • Joana (+351 914 093 739)

Goat Safari

Countryside safari carried out by tractor or jeep through the rural property of Vumba. The tour goes through the beautiful valley formed by woods and pastures and five small dams.

Shepherd for a Day

Be in charge of our herd of goats or flock of sheep and take them through the valley to pasture. Experience life as a shepherd for a few hours and enjoy the feeling of being part of a different reality.

Enjoy your stay at Vumba’s agrotourism and have different and exciting experiences!