Autumn is Coming!

And nature around Vumba offers new experiences of colours, flavours and sounds.

Wine Tasting

At Ladeira da Santa, taste wines of quality and character, taking advantage of the unique terroir found in the far south of the Dão region, aligning your practices with sustainable and environmentally conscious viticulture.

Deer Mating

Come and watch the Brama dos Veados – the deer mating season – one of nature’s most beautiful and chilling spectacles. Anyone who sees and hears the crashing of the stags and their roars will never forget it. Operated by Green Deer,

Goat Safari

Countryside safari carried out by tractor or jeep through the rural property of Vumba. The tour goes through the beautiful valley formed by woods and pastures and five small dams.
Activities near Vumba worth experiencing


Canoeing in the calm waters of the river Alva is a great way to discover the beauty of the region. From the lush woodlands in the river banks to the old bridges at cosy villages by the river, it’s a program to enjoy in full.

Enjoy your stay at Vumba’s agrotourism and have different and exciting experiences!